About me


I'm a systems thinker focused on complex societal challenges. I’m happiest working with cross-functional teams. Check out my experience.


Motivation—Why behavior?

As the grandchild of Jewish refugees and a Holocaust survivor, I've always grappled with questions about human behavior and systemic persecution. Social psychologist Stanley Milgram's electric shock experiment on obedience greatly impacted my understanding of why people do what they do. He demonstrated that social pressure and external forces could dictate people's behavior much more than their values. Wanting to understand how these findings could be used to encourage good behavior in systems and organizations, I studied social psychology and behavioral economics.



Using empathy as my guide, I combine business principles, design-thinking, technology, and a lot of determination. I zoom out to the big picture and zoom in on the details. Connecting dots and considering every challenge as part of a larger system is my forte.



Systems-thinking, business strategy, user experience, journey mapping, prototyping, project management, service delivery, client and relationship management, and team leadership. 

Feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or collaboration ideas at rrabison@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting!